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About Us


Chinese search is China's emerging domestic trade B2B e-commerce operation site, guizhou luck dragon network technology co., LTD. With the professional information service and the advanced Internet technology, for the small and medium-sized enterprises set up a reliable platform for the supply and demand, to provide comprehensive business solutions.

Chinese search site for different industry customer differentiation needs and tailored for the enterprise platform for the integrity of online business, business partners, precise purchasing information, network and print media promotion of universal coverage, create enterprise brand consulting platform depth, will be based on cross-industry advantage, improve industry service depth and breadth.Ensure that every industry buyer and seller can enjoy specialized services.In China, you can find buyers or sellers quickly and easily, and you can choose according to regional classification and product classification.

The group promises to meet the needs of the market and users with professional and innovative services and products to facilitate the transaction.We have been committed to the customer experience and service quality, product portfolio more concise, business model more suitable for market demand.

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