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cheatproof trick

1. If you can't meet the transaction, choose the Chinese search member as much as possible when choosing the supplier.


2. The company profile of the member stores is the reference basis, and it can also pay attention to the member's "member evaluation" to see the evaluation of other members.


3. Check the contact information of the other party carefully.Regular businesses usually leave landlines.And if you have a company website, you can judge the company's strength by looking at the company's website.


4, for lower than the market price of many products, such as digital, computer products, please be careful before send money, can use the search for the company name, low-priced products are true.


If the buyers and sellers cannot meet, if the buyer has doubts about the payment, he is afraid that the money will be sent out, and the seller will not deliver the goods.So can negotiate with the businessman, see if can find a freight company that everybody is comfortable, and entrust freight company to collect payment.We are all relieved to receive the payment.


6. If the payment cannot be realized, it is necessary for the two parties to communicate and confirm some details in advance.For example, if the goods are damaged or defective, the contract should be settled between the two parties.Because there is no written agreement, it is better to keep a telephone recording or chat record as evidence of future disputes.


7. Prior to the transaction, you must first understand the after-sales service of the goods to the seller, including the return handling when you receive the goods without unpacking or pulling the sign.

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