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protocol of usage

Welcome to read the terms and conditions of Chinese search service (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement").

1. Acceptance clause

Entering Chinese search in any way means that you agree to enter into this agreement with Chinese search, and you will be bound by terms and conditions of this agreement (" terms ").Chinese search has full discretion to change the terms.If there is any change in the terms, Chinese search will be posted on its website as a notice to you.If you do not agree with the changes, you must stop using the service.The revised "terms" will automatically take effect immediately upon the release of the Chinese search network.You should carefully read the revised "terms" after the first login and have the right to choose to stop using the "service";Once you continue to use the "service", it means that you have accepted the revised "terms" and should be subject to the latest service agreement when you are in dispute with the Chinese search site.Unless otherwise expressly stated, any new content that expands or enhances the scope of "services" is subject to this agreement.This agreement shall not be amended unless a written agreement is signed by China's senior management.

2. Description of minors or persons with no capacity for civil conduct.

If you are under 18 years of age or do not have full capacity for civil rights of natural person, do not use "service", the Chinese search may at any time to solely decided to refuse to provide "service" to any person."Service" will not be provided to Chinese search members who are temporarily or permanently disqualified.

3. The charge

The company reserves the right to charge the "service" fee upon receipt of the first notice.You get paid to the company for trade, services, or to contact the company server and what happened, the tax payable and related hardware, software, communications, network services and other fees shall be borne by your own.The company reserves the right not to issue a written notice to change or stop part or all of the services temporarily or permanently in the case of the Chinese search website.

4. Information use

The company's web site serves as a screening target for transactions between goods and services, as well as access to various trade-related services.However, the company cannot control exchange of the items referred to in the quality, safety or legality, trade authenticity or accuracy of information, as well as the counterparty to meet its obligations under this agreement in trade.The company cannot and will not be unable to control the parties to fulfill the obligations of the agreement.In addition, you should note that the risk of dealing with foreign nationals, minors or persons acting in fraudulent means is objective.

5. Information disclosure and exchange.

"Your information" includes you, in the process of registration, transactions or list the items in any public information or through any form of electronic mail, to the company or any data provided by other users, including data, text, software, music, sound, photos, pictures, images, words, or other material.You should take full responsibility for "your information", and this company only serves as a channel for you to publish "your information" online.However, if the company think "your information" may make the company to undertake any legal or moral obligation, or is likely to make the company () in whole or in part by loss of the company's services, Internet service providers or other supplier or you do not log in or log in again within the time limit in the Chinese search site, is the company can fully decided to "your information" any action by the company deems necessary or appropriate, including but not limited to delete the data.You hereby certify that you have all rights, including all copyright, to the information submitted to China.You confirm that China drawnet no responsibility to identity or decision you submit to the company which should be protected, other users to enjoy "service" use "your information", our company also don't have to be responsible for.

5.1 description of registration information.

If you registered in China drawnet, you agree to: (1) according to the requirement of the members of the China drawnet published information form, about you or your company are true, accurate and complete and reflects the current situation of data;(b) maintain and update member information in a timely manner so that it remains true, accurate, complete and reflects the current situation.If you provide any untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or does not reflect the current situation of data, or China drawnet have reasonable reason to suspect that such information untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or does not reflect the current situation, China drawnet shall have the right to suspend or terminate your registration status and material, and refused to you in the present or the future of "service" (or any part of it) in any form.If you represent a company or other legal entity in this company, you declare and guarantee that you have the right to bind the company or other legal entity to the terms of this agreement.

5.2 information confidentiality

In the registration process, you will select the member registration name and password.You are responsible for keeping your membership and password confidential, and you are responsible for all activities that occur under your registration name and password.You agree :(1) you will immediately notify China of any unauthorized use of your member's registration name or password, or any other circumstance that violates the confidentiality provisions.And (2) ensure that you leave the site at the correct step at the end of each session.The Chinese search network cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with the provisions of this paragraph.

5.3 rule description

You agree that "your information" and "you for trading in China drawnet any" items "(referring to all available for trading in accordance with the law, tangible or intangible, in the form of the various specific items, or some kind of rights or interests, or a note or securities, or some kind of service or behavior.The term "article" in this agreement contains this meaning.

A. There will be no fraudulent component and no involvement in the sale of forgery or theft;

B. Shall not infringe any third party's right to the property, or copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights, or the right to privacy or reputation;

C. will not violate any laws, regulations, rules or regulations (including but not limited to about specification export quota management, trade and consumer protection, unfair competition, or false advertising laws, regulations, rules or regulations).

D. There will be no content of defamation (including commercial defamation), unlawful intimidation or unlawful harassment;

E. Does not contain obscenity, or contains any child pornography;

F. not contain willfully destroying, malicious interference, secretly intercept or encroach on any system, data or personal information of any virus, camouflage destruction procedures, computer worms, time bombs or other computer programs;

G. No direct or indirect connection to the following goods or services or the description of the following goods or services :(I) goods or services prohibited under this agreement;Or (ii) goods or services that you have no right to connect or contain.In addition, you agree not to :(h) use "services" in respect of any chain of letters, large amounts of unsolicited E-mail, spam, or any duplication or unnecessary information;(I) the use of "services" to collect E-mail addresses and other information of other persons without the consent of others;Or (j) use "services" to make false E-mail addresses, or otherwise attempt to mislead others in the sender's identity or source of information.

5.4 prohibited articles.

You may not publish or trade on our website :(1) any article that may violate any relevant laws, regulations, regulations or rules;Or (2) any item that is deemed to be prohibited or unsuitable to be bought and sold on this website.

6. You grant the right to use the company.

You grant the company exclusive, universal and permanent, free license to use the right (and is entitled to in multiple levels of the right to license), make the company has the right to (in whole or in part) use, copy, revision, rewriting, distribution, translation, distribute, perform and display "your information" or make the derivative works, or in any form now known or later developed, the media, or technology, will be "your information" into other works.

7. Privacy

In spite of the licensing rights provided for in article 6, the Chinese search network will use "your information" only in accordance with the company's privacy statement.The entire terms of our privacy statement are part of this agreement, so you must read it carefully.Please note that once you voluntarily disclose "your information" to the site in China, such information may be obtained and used by other persons.

8. Transaction procedures

8.1 add product description entry.

The product description is a description, drawing and/or photo that you have provided on the Chinese search website, which can be (1) description of the product you wish to sell;Or (2) describe the product you are looking for.You can publish a category of product description, or both types at the same time, on the Chinese search website. The condition is that you must classify such product description into the correct category.China search network is not responsible for the accuracy or content of product description.

8.2 use common sense.

The company cannot and does not attempt to control the information provided by other users through "services".By their nature, other user's information, may be offensive, harmful, or inaccurate, and in some cases may have error identification or by fraud and identification.We hope you will be careful and use common sense when using our website.

9. Termination or access restrictions.

You agree, in chain letter without charge to you, China drawnet can own discretion for any reason (including but not limited to China drawnet think you had violated the literal meaning and spirit of this agreement, or you do not meet the literal meaning and spirit of the agreement of the way, or your time in more than 100 days to your account and password login website) terminate your "service" password, account (or any part of it) or your use of "service", and remove and discard you in the use of "services" submit "your information".You agree that in the case of the Chinese search network charging you, the Chinese search network shall implement the above termination services based on reasonable doubt and email notification.The Chinese search network may, at the same time, decide on its own discretion to stop providing "services" or any part thereof at any time without notice or notice.You agree, according to any of the provisions of this agreement terminates your use of "services" the measures may be implemented in without prior notice, and acknowledge and agree that China drawnet can immediately make your account is invalid, or cancel your account and in your account all the relevant data and documents, and/or forbidden to you further access to the file or "service", etc.After the account has been terminated, the Chinese search network has no obligation to retain any information related to the original account, or forward any information that has not been read or sent to you or a third party.In addition, you agree that China search net will not terminate your access to "services" and take any responsibility for you or any third party.Articles 12, 13, 14 and 22 shall survive the termination of this agreement.

What are the consequences of breaking the rules?

On the premise of without limiting other remedies, the following any situation, the company can immediately issued a warning, temporarily suspend, permanently suspend or terminate your membership and remove your any existing product information, and any other information you show on the website: (I) your breach of this agreement;(ii) the company cannot verify or identify any information you provide to the company;Or (iii) the company believes that your actions may cause any legal liability to you, our users or any third party service provider that provides services through our company or our website.In the absence of any other remedies, if you find yourself engaged in fraudulent activities involving the company's website, the Chinese search network may suspend or terminate your account.

11. Service "according to the status quo".

The company will make every effort to make you have fun using the Chinese search website.Unfortunately, we cannot foresee any technical problems or other difficulties at any time.Such difficulties may result in data loss or other service outages.To this end, you clearly understand and agree that the risk of using "services" is your own responsibility.Services are provided on the basis of the status quo and the availability.China drawnet clear statement does not make all express or implied warranty of any kind, including but not limited to the marketability, suitable for a particular purpose and no infringement, etc.China search network does not guarantee the following contents :(I) the "service" will meet your requirements;(ii) "service" will not be interrupted and timely, safe and without any errors;(iii) the results obtained through the use of "services" may be accurate or reliable;And (iv) the quality of any products, services, materials or other materials you purchase or obtain through "services" will be in line with your expectations.Through the use of "services" to download or other forms for any material is by your own full decision, and is associated with the risk shall be borne by you, for you to download any of the material such as occurring in the course of your computer system of any damage or loss of any data, you will bear liability on his own.Any verbal or written comments or information you obtain from Chinese search net or through or from "service" will not produce any warranty that is not clearly stated in this agreement.

12. The compensation

You agree, because of your breach of this agreement or by the reference to other documents and incorporated into this agreement, or because you violated the law or the infringement of the rights of a third party, and make China drawnet on the third party and its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, employees, agents, claims (including legal fees and other professional fees), you must pay for damage to China drawnet and its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, employees, agents, make it from losses, etc.

13. Compliance with the law

You should comply with all relevant laws, regulations, rules and regulations relating to your use of "services" and to compete with you for the purchase, purchase and sale of any goods and the provision of business information.

14. No agency relationship.


You and the Chinese search network only for the independent contractual relationship.This agreement is not intended to form or create any agency, partnership, joint venture, employment and employment or franchisor's conferment of a relationship.

15. Advertising and financial services.

With you on the "service" or through "services" for the advertising person communication or carrying on business or participate in its promotion activities, including the relevant goods or services payment and delivery of related goods or services, and related to such business with any other terms, conditions, warranties or statements, limited to occur between you and the advertising people.You agree, or due to any such business in such an AD to appear on the "services" people of any loss or damage of any kind, China drawnet need not responsible for, or take any responsibility.If you going to with "service" to create or participate in any securities of the company, stock prices, investment, or any of the services, or by "service charge" or requirement with any company, stock prices, investment or securities of any news and information, alert information or other information, please kindly note that China drawnet will not through the "services" of any such information transmission accuracy, usefulness or availability, can be profitable or assume any responsibility, and not according to the information of the responsible for any trading or investment decisions or take any responsibility.

Links to 16.

"Services" or third parties can provide links to other web sites or resources.Because China drawnet does not control such sites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that China drawnet isn't on the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not endorse or on such sites or resources from the web site or any content, resource acquisition, such as propaganda, products, services or other materials, nor is it responsible for such as it or take any responsibility.You further acknowledge and agree that, for any use or trust from such sites or resources to obtain such content, advertising, products, services or other materials (or claims) of any direct or indirect losses, China drawnet will not bear the responsibility.

17. Inform

Unless otherwise specified, any notice shall be sent via email, (in terms of China drawnet) E-mail address to, or (for you) to send to you in the process of registration for China drawnet E-mail addresses, or such other address specified party concerned.The notice shall be deemed to have been served after 24 (24) hours of E-mail, unless the sender is notified that the relevant E-mail address has been invalidated.Alternatively, the company may send the notice to the address provided by the Chinese search website in the registration process by prepaying the registered mail and requesting the return receipt.In this case, the notice is deemed to have been served after three (3) days of the date of the Posting.

18. Force majeure

For reasons other than due to the company's reasonable control, including but not limited to, natural disasters, strikes, riots or material shortages or rationing, riots, ACTS of war, the government behavior, communication or other facilities fault or serious casualty accidents, causing the company delay or failure to perform the contract, China drawnet wrong you undertake any responsibility.

Transfer of 20.

This agreement is not subject to your consent.

21. Other provisions

This agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreement between you and China search network on the same matter.This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the mainland of the People's Republic of China.If any provision of this agreement is ruled invalid or unenforceable, the provision shall be revoked and the remaining provisions shall be executed.Clause headings are for convenience only and do not define, limit, interpret or describe the scope or extent of the provision in any way.The failure of the company to act on a breach by you or any other person does not indicate the company's right to take action against any subsequent or similar breach.

22. The lawsuit

Any dispute arising from or in connection with this agreement or the company's services shall be brought to the district people's court and governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.


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