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network marketing

Buyers usually buy products in three ways:

1) direct search of product keywords;


2) enter the classified page through product catalog guidance;


3) select the platform's various promotion recommendation products;


80% of the purchase activity is done through the first two items, which means that the higher the traffic and sales opportunities are in the search or classification page.


The influence factors of platform ordering include the following aspects:


1. Product keyword setting.


Buyers use a variety of forms of search keyword or phrase, accurately describe the product and related attributes, the system will according to the matching degree, weights of products on the keyword matching degree is higher, the greater the weight;


2. Product display and buyer click ratio.


The buyer opens any category page or search page, and all the products on the page produce a display opportunity.When the product is displayed, the more clicks it gets, the higher the sorting weight is. If the product is displayed with a lot of opportunities, but few clicks, it will quickly reduce the product ranking.


3. Related factors of product sales:


A) products with record sales will increase the ranking weight;


B) multiple sales of the same product will increase the ranking weight;


C) when the product is sold, it will increase the sorting weight.


D) product disputes or refund rate exceeds a certain standard, will reduce the sorting weight products were forcibly lag, even disputes rate and refund rate are classified according to the average value of automatic measurement, so the ratio control is lower, the better;


4. Sellers related factors:


A) the higher the buyer's repeat purchase ratio, the higher the ranking weight;


B) refund rate: the refund rate of the seller is higher than 5%, and all products will be refunded;


C) dispute rate: rise to the platform dispute rate of over 10%, all products will be post-set;


D) positive rate: the favorable rate is less than 90%, and all products will be postset.


On the basis of the above conditions: the same seller will display only one product in the same page, and the first three pages or the first five pages are generally controlled;Multiple associated accounts of a seller in the same category, only one of them will be displayed in the limited number of pages, and the rest will reduce the sorting weight.

Resources from Chinese search (chinese. cx)

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