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The wings are covered with 39 random activity instructions.
 [Print]Date: 2017-08-26   Expiry: Unlimited to Unlimited    Hits:752

Activity time: August 1 - August 31, 2017.




Activity rules:


Use the wing to pay the cashier to enjoy a random discount of 39 yuan, and the maximum is 39 yuan.




Activity rules:


1. The national wing pays three-star binding card users to participate in the activity. In the wing payment APP-- account -- bank card, bind the fast bank card to complete the three-star binding card certification;

2. The same user can only enjoy a random discount during the activity. The same mobile phone number, mobile terminal, PC terminal and id number are all regarded as the same user.

3. Limited number of activities, 5,000 users per day, first come, first served;

4. The activity does not support the participation of the wing payment account registered in 170/171/149;

5, if there are a full refund of the user, wing will pay only the actual amount paid returned to the user (do not include the discount amount, such as reduction amount, etc.), such as discount amount (including not limited to rebate amount, rebate vouchers) has been used, and will be deducted from the total amount of the refund has been using favorable balance refund amount part;

6. This activity cannot be overlapped with other preferential activities of the wing. If there are more than one activity at the same time, the activity with the largest amount of preferential benefit is the default;

7, such as user irregularities, such as false trading, cheating, malicious taking cash, etc.), wing payment shall have the right to freeze its user account and withdraw improper trading, recycling the arbitrage amount of illegal income;

8. The wing pays to protect the legitimate consumers' rights and interests, and reserves the right to pursue the interests of the illegal and malicious activities;

9. For more details, please refer to the online customer service of WeChat of "sweet orange finance", or call the customer service hotline 95106.




Payment process:


Step 1: payment method selects the wing payment.

Step 2: if you have a wing payment account, select login.


If there is no airfoil payment account, click free registration and bind fast payment card.

Step 3: after login, you can choose balance, debit card and credit card to pay.


Step 4: complete the payment.



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