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Money library coupons use tips
 [Print]Date: 2017-08-26   Expiry: Unlimited to Unlimited    Hits:839

1. The card number and password on the printed ticket are the only sign that you get the gift. Please keep it properly and exchange it within the stipulated time.

2. Login to my website.

Select login/register and activate the "my coupon" in the member zone.


3. Select "I want to activate" and activate the coupon with the card number and password displayed in the text message.

4. After successful activation, the account will show the amount of the coupon and the effective date.

5. Click the discount coupon, link to the product page, and add the shopping cart.Click view at the clearing center "shopping coupon/gift certificate" and check the coupon to confirm the use.

6. At this time, you can choose other desirable products;Buy with the gift, if you do not buy other goods, click settlement, freight charges I buy net freight rules calculation.

 7. Fill in the receiving information and payment method, etc.

8. Check the corresponding discount coupon to deduct the amount of the gift, submit the order, and make payment.



1. This activity is restricted to Beijing area only.

2. The amount of exchange of goods is limited and the quantity is limited.

3. Each order is limited to one coupon.

4. The gift weight is included in the ladder freight, and the premium is not included in the ladder freight.

5. The gift is unavoidably freight.

6. I buy the network to implement the ladder freight rules, and the calculation method of freight is shown in the cofco. I buy the distribution and payment method of the network:

7. This activity does not accept malicious orders obtained and exchanged in a special way.

8.Repeat orders are not accepted at the same consignee's address in the same account.

(this activity is restricted to Beijing)

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