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2016 Shanghai international power transmission and control technology exhibition.

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Date 2016-09-25 to 2019-09-24
City National convention and exhibition center (Shangha
Address National convention and exhibition center (Shanghai)
Hall National convention and exhibition center (Shanghai)
Organizer Shanghai yahui exhibition co. LTD.
Sponsor Shanghai yahui exhibition co. LTD.
General Information


Successfully held 18 sessions in Shanghai, the experience is rich, is the largest gathering of domestic manufacturing enterprises in Japan.

For small business development in Shanghai service center in this exhibition, Shanghai association of export enterprises, multinational purchase conference, jiangsu ccpit, Japan external trade organisation, Japan consulate general in Shanghai and Japan the local bank and commune with more than 50 community's strong support, the exhibition scale grows year by year, has reached 600 export scale, is the most domestic gathered Japanese manufacturing enterprise.Our company provides professional manufacturing enterprises for the matching service, and obtains the support and recognition of the manufacturing enterprises.Not only in Shanghai, but also in the mainland of chengdu, guangzhou, shenzhen and other places in south China, there are also successful achievements in Thailand in southeast Asia.

Contact information
Contact Zhang Jun
Address: Room 702-703, building 34, songjiang high-tech park, caohejing development zone, no. 258-518, xinbrick road, songjiang district, Shanghai.
Mobile: 13817110069
Tel: 13817110069
Fax: 13817110069
QQ: 613553124
1, fluid power systems and components: hydraulic technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, rubber sealing technology, machinery associated with filler static sealing technology, special equipment and testing instruments, the transmission medium, hydraulic components, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, sealing technology equipment < br / > 2, air compressor, all kinds of air compressor and compressed purification equipment such as filters, compressed air post-processing equipment, accumulator, etc.< br / > 3, mechanical transmission components: used for mechanical transmission of machine parts, gear box, connecting shaft, clutch, brake system, belt transmission, chain, sprocket and chain plate, change gear components, transmission, reducer, gear components, steering system and steering shaft, gear parts, rolling bearing, sliding bearing.< br / > 4, electricity transmission, motor, servo motor and inverter, small motor, converter, electric power transmission system and the technology to use components, transformers, batteries and uninterrupted power supply, drive and mechanical drive system, electric wire and cable accessories, electrical control system with electrical switch gear and equipment, electrical, and optoelectronic components, electrical, electrical testing and inspection equipment.<br/>5, power equipment and generator set: diesel engine, gasoline engine, motor, etc.Various generating sets and mobile power stations;Other standby power, generator control system, instrument and related spare parts, etc.
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