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The 4th Shanghai international 3D printing intellectual exhibition 2016.

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Date 2016-09-25 to 2020-09-16
City National convention and exhibition center (Shangha
Address National convention and exhibition center (Shanghai)
Hall National convention and exhibition center (Shanghai)
Organizer China general technology group.
Sponsor China general technology group.
General Information


Thank you for the "2015 Shanghai international 3D printing intellectual exhibition" (3D?Printing Expo: "the support and cooperation of the exhibition.The project team hopes that you will have a good experience and fruitful results in the exhibition.
    With your support, 3D?Printing Expo2015 ushered in 26 countries and regions more than 13200 professional audience, more than 800 delegates, and more than one hundred exhibitors from all over the world more than 500 innovative product release in the exhibition.With your participation and assistance, 3D?Printing Expo has become the industry's first participation in every year, and its popularity in the global market is steadily improving.3 d?Printing Expo is dedicated to building a rich and effective business platform, providing comprehensive and thoughtful exhibition services for the industry.
       3D?Printing Expo2016The exhibition will continue to be held on September 25-27, 2016 at the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai hongqiao).We sincerely invite you to participate in 3D again?Printing Expo, conference and site activities.gain, we can go through 3D?Printing Expo official media platform, WeChat, weibo.,Facebook, IinkedinWill provide you with the latest exhibition information and industry news.We want to be in 3D?The development of Printing Expo has been accompanied by your company, guidance and support.

Thank you again and await your presence.3D?Printing Expo2016。
Contact information
Contact Mr Zhang
Address: No. 888 east Hong Kong road, Shanghai.
Zip Code: 112333
Mobile: 13917965108
Tel: 13917965108
Fax: 13917965108
QQ: 613553124
※(一)3D printer 1. Industrial 3D printer, desktop 3D printer, and other 3D printing manufacturing equipment (rapid prototyping machine, rapid manufacturing equipment);2. 3D printer accessories;Does 1. (2) 3 d scanning and software 3 d scanner, 3 d laser engraving machine, laser plate-making, laser equipment, 3 d measuring instrument, three coordinate measuring machine/instrument, laser tracker, 3 d camera, 3 d laser machine;2. 3d design system, motion capture system, 3d photogrammetry system, numerical control system;3. Detection and reverse engineering software, 3D detection software, popularization of 3D design software, printing software, etc.;Does (3) 3 d printing materials and technology 1. The photosensitive resin, plastic powder material (nylon, nylon bo qian, nylon, carbon fiber, nylon powder, Peek materials), such as metal powder materials (steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and CoCrMo alloy, iron, nickel alloy) etc.2. 3D printing technology, other rapid prototyping technology, reverse engineering technology, surface treatment, etc.(4) 3D printing services 1, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, hand-board production, and other rapid prototyping and reverse engineering services;2. 3d scanning and measurement, investment and financing services, etc.
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