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Alice milk tea drink.

  • Posted on:2018-02-13 12:59
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  • Brand name: to Alice.

    Industry: beverage beverage > tea beverage.

    Address: south xinzhuang west road, central district, jinan city, shandong province.

    Service hotline: 01080816122.

    Creation time: unknown.

    Business model: distribution agent.

    Investment attraction: free enterprise in the post to invest in the existing company to increase the graduate entrepreneurship other.

    China merchants region: east China, south China, northwest China, northeast China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

    Investment amount: 10,000 to 50,000 yuan.

    Introduction to Alice milk tea beverage project:


    Brand main body: to Alice milk tea beverage, owned raw material factory, core qualification factory, 1-2 people open shop, four seasons management, 10 series, easy to copy success.


    Brand theme: the dream-language handmade tea shop.


    Brand slogan: let the mood fly, let the dream come true.


    Walking in the busy city of traffic, you can always see the fresh and fashionable "to Alice" shop;On the fashionable street of people and people, there is always a lot of tide people holding "to Alice" tea drink walking in the street;On the fresh and natural campus, many boys use the word "to Alice" to drink to show their love for success.It is a symbol of the growing popularity of the tea brand of sweet love, which brings happiness to more and more customers, and leads more and more franchisees to realize their dreams with positive energy.What are you waiting for?Join hands with Alice's tea brand and open the door to sweet business.
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