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The pot had a pot of stew.

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Brand name: pot cylinder.

Industry: dining gourmet > can.

Address: 6th floor, block A, fortune building, zhangqiu district, jinan city, shandong province.

China merchants hotline: 4006322001.

Creation time: unknown.

Business model: distribution agents join the direct battalion.

Investment attraction: free enterprise in the post to invest in the existing company to increase the graduate entrepreneurship other.

China merchants region: east China, south China, northeast China northwest.

Investment amount: 50,000-100,000.

Introduction to pot belly pot stew project:


Saucepan pot is a pot of braised meat, to restore the taste of the food, every moment of not exquisite, the ancient law of the new era.Micro start-ups, easy to operate, 30 square meters shop 1-2 dry off the chef himself, this is pan crock pot stewed meat, a let you say goodbye to the early nine late five, when my own boss projects, a high quality can make your business successful start good projects.The new pet of the food world, the new choice of foodies, there is a market, there is a word of mouth, you will come to join!


Pot jar jar of the pot roast meat, let healthy green Chinese fast guess occupy the market.The healthy style of fresh and high quality original ecological achievement products, follow the "Chinese dietary nutrition" standard, the nutrition collocation balance, satisfies the human body daily needs.So each pot with crock pot stewed meat, food not only into the rice fragrant, bring out the best in each other, but also good flavor, food does not forget, from then on, love is food, aeriform in improving the taste of life.


Pot jar jar of the pot braised meat, has created eight series of delicious food, 100 delicious single products.From the delicate and delicious food of the signature jar, the fragrant and delicious noodles, to the fashion drinks, all kinds of snacks, to satisfy the different needs of the taste buds, the taste is not greasy, the aftertaste is endless.How long will it take to miss a chance like this?The pot is the pot pot of the pot stew investment flexibility, three store type you choose, investment quota you to decide, the ability do not hesitate!


The pot is a pot of meat, hundreds of restaurants, hundreds of business experience can be copied at any time, the investment is more comfortable.The pot is a jar of meat, the headquarters of the whole support, the whole store output, all.Whether it is site decoration, operation management, or even continuous service, this is the promise of the strength brand, which is the foundation of a high-quality entrepreneurial project.Clear the obstacle, go forward bravely, the pot is pot jar the stew meat to join, one must be right!
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