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Multi - wheat pie investment to join.

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Brand name: dom.

Industry: dining gourmet > pasta.

Address: Victoria mansion, yanjiao economic development zone, tongzhou district, Beijing.

China merchants hotline: 18911684325.

Creation time: unknown.

Business model: distribution agent licensing chain other.

Investment attraction: free enterprise in the post to invest in the existing company to increase the graduate entrepreneurship other.

China merchants region: east China, south China, northeast China northwest.

Investment amount: less than 10,000 yuan.

Introduction to the multi-wheat pie project:


It is the memory of my mother's delicious dinner.The multi-wheat pie carries forward the traditional classic noodles classic, the Chinese and western combination, makes the characteristic recipe that belongs to oneself.More wheat pizza fusion of modern diet idea, carries forward the traditional classic pasta, change the original "overseas Chinese pancakes" a single, boring traditional ground beef, added in line with the local diet habits of all kinds of classic taste.


More wheat pie shirt-sleeve west baking method, the filling of Chinese style, western-style stuffing collocation, use modern equipment and unique cake technology, with nearly 200 ℃ high temperature, baked a unique fashion taste.More wheat pie surface the layer tender crisp and refreshing, chewiness, unique taste delicious, adapted to the modern stress nutrition diet pursuit, novel type and sweet smell, salted meat is sweet, sweet, spicy taste from soup to nuts, aftertaste making a person is boundless.


Nowadays, with the taste of its fashion and the characteristics of Chinese and western cuisines, it has quickly gained the favor of Chinese consumers, and has added a fashion delicacy to China's nutritional fast food field.At home, more wheat pie by development promotion, after a lot of improvement, has been favored by consumers, known by most people and make more wheat pie won a good reputation in the consumers' mind.
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