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Wing big Fried chicken to join.

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Brand name: great wings.

Industry: dining gourmet > chicken platoon.

Address: 5 / f, good langdo building, no. 17, xinzhu road, licheng district, jinan.

Hotline: 4008551377.

Creation time: unknown.

Business model: distribution agents join the direct battalion.

Investment attraction: free enterprise in the post to invest in the existing company to increase the graduate entrepreneurship other.

China merchants region: east China, south China, northeast China northwest.

Investment amount: 10,000 to 50,000 yuan.

Project introduction of wing big Fried chicken:


only eat the wing greatly Fried chicken, is a true gourmet!What is fashionable, wing big Fried chicken is fashionable!What is fashionista, it is to eat wings every day big Fried chicken!The wings are Fried chicken, already can not only use delicious to describe, the wing big Fried chicken has exceeded the delicious to bring the enjoyment!The wings are Fried chicken, so good delicious, that feeling is really unspeakable, too delicious, next time to taste!Fried chicken is not only a delicious enjoyment, but also a happy start to share the happiness with friends.


There are many varieties of Fried chicken wings, the temptation on the tip of the tongue, change your tongue habit.Handsome and cool roasted wings, longer than the wings of the hand, from the wing tips to the wing to eat 3 kinds of feeling, the wing tip crispy, the wings are tender, the wing root is tight, the average length is 18cm, super satisfied!The Fried chicken is made of high-quality chicken and natural seasoning, which is delicious and crisp. It is developed by a 360 degree vacuum roll, which is delicious and not very hot.


The deep-fried chicken wings of Fried chicken with wings and unique taste is even more praiseworthy, even the girls like it!The boss will be drizzled with lemon juice, besides the flavor, chewing also more refreshing, cut into small pieces of taste, more can enjoy the multi-level taste, but not greasy characteristics.Fried chicken wings greatly through the flagship product plus auxiliary product system, through the combination of the fashion leisure environment design concept, through the store outside quick sales model, through the details of the perfect service, Fried chicken wings greatly has become a new fashion of Fried chicken fastfood industry!


The Fried chicken wing is sold in multiple channels through the diversified online and offline delivery platform, with the deep cooperation with the major group buying websites and the delivery software.The wing is Fried chicken intelligent equipment can be baked, the process is made, without the chef, easy to operate.Joining wings so much Fried chicken, can enjoy preferential policies, multiple headquarters team strength assessment positioning, on-the-spot investigation unit can be done, and to discuss cooperation and build store image, a unified design style.

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