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Hey, small noodle shop to join.

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Brand name: hey little noodle.

Industry: dining gourmet > pasta.

Address: no. 56, jinkai avenue, Yubei District, chongqing, China 11F.

Investment hotline: 4000709529.

Creation time: 2014-04-16.

Business model: distribution agent licensing chain other.

Investment attraction: free enterprise in the post to invest in the existing company to increase the graduate entrepreneurship other.

Investment area:

Investment amount: 10,000 to 50,000 yuan.

Hey little noodle surface characteristics of joining the headquarters is located in the Chinese food - chongqing, advantaged natural environment gave birth to the unique of each food raw material, through the accumulation of history, characteristic of the new sichuan style food constantly fusion, with tunnel palate fusion between north and south, become more food professional path.To push each food to the nation, towards the world, hey little noodle surface characteristics professional food promotion concept, the introduction of modern management model, specialization, standardization, facilitation, all raw materials are purchased locally to pack, cutting processing, making, offer franchisees directly around the finished products and semi-finished products, greatly shortens the time of the meal and to ensure the thousands of authentic taste.


Hey, small noodle restaurant, green, food therapy, health care products, food not all seasons should taste the north and south, suitable for the old and small, the market adaptability is wide;Hey, the health products, fast food series and other features of the noodle restaurant are more nutritious and healthier, with high, medium and low consumption, so that you have no off-season in the four seasons.Hey small noodle special noodle shop secret ingredient, red oil, ingredient technology, one side to eat, all ages suitable!


Eat little, eat is a kind of culture, eating is a kind of enjoyment, in the streets, can always hear the voice: "boss, two small face, Shang Kuan point, green more, surface hard points, make hurry up..."A few tablespoons of seasoning, a small amount of green onion, two noodles, no matter the big boss, the little girl, eat the familiar taste, and want the feeling of satisfaction.


"Hot, hey little noodle surface characteristics in oil immerse, LaHuHu, ma zi zi, the bestselling" essence of chongqing small surface at the same time, adhere to the "asymmetric, mutually beneficial win-win" chain-like alliance purposes, hey little noodle surface characteristics with taste, word of mouth, talent, technology, culture, management, service and brand advantages, attracted all over the country to join us.In just a few months, the noodle restaurant has franchise stores and branches in many parts of the country.
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