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All the way fragrant snack car attract investment.

  • Posted on:2018-02-13 12:53
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  • Brand name: fragrance all the way.

    Address: meishi road, fengtai district, Beijing.

    Service hotline: 4001786622.

    Creation time: unknown.

    Business model: agent.

    Investment attraction: free enterprise in the post to invest in the existing company to increase the graduate entrepreneurship other.

    China merchants region: east China, south China, northeast China northwest.

    Investment amount: less than 10,000 yuan.

    Introduction to the fragrance snack car project:


    All the way, one car, one car, one business, one car is a store, is a good project, a good future.All along the way, the food truck is free to open and move at any time. The food truck will be open as soon as it stops.Along the way, the small, delicate and fashionable snack cars will leave a beautiful scenery on the street and become the focus of fashion.Light up the city streets and light up more wealth.Along the way, it is more suitable for the common people to start up a good project, so that entrepreneurship is no longer a problem, along the way to realize the dream with you!


    No shop, no rent, no decoration, no chef, no equipment, grilled, Fried, Fried, rinsed, Fried, steamed and omnipresent!A crafty craft, all the way to you, a craftsman to learn, nothing to fear, a lifetime to benefit.Smelling sweet snack car all the way choice, according to the dealer investment ability, local consumption ability flexible choice, dealers according to local conditions, can choose any tie-in sales all kinds of flavor snack.


    Along the way, the fragrance snack car has a wide range of tolerance, pertinence and extraordinary adaptability.Combined with the research and development of fast food equipment, has the function of the use of low cost, fast processing speed, make the concept of "fast food" and "car shop" concept of the common market, is generic, unassailable competitive power.Fragrance all the way north and south China snacks, snack car fusion products including north and south flavor, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, European flavor, special sauce, seasoning, unique flavor, continuously improve real-time updates, style innovation.


    Join smelling sweet snack car project, all the way around village, unlimited area, shopping malls, supermarkets, railway stations, docks, schools, square, bridge, night market, snack street, street, street, park, temple fair, festival and so on various occasions, dining car can rise to the occasion.Join the trend of the four seasons, which will meet leisure consumption, nearby consumption, ready consumption and convenient consumption.

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