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The palm pizza merchants.

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Brand name: TA's Time.

Industry: catering gourmet > western fast food.

Address: jinmao international 13th floor, haihong district, qinhuangdao, hebei province.

China merchants hotline: 4006131109.

Creation time: unknown.

Business model: distribution agent licensing chain other.

Investment attraction: free enterprise in the post to invest in the existing company to increase the graduate entrepreneurship other.

China merchants region: east China, south China, northeast China northwest.

Investment amount: 10,000 to 50,000 yuan.

TA's Time palm pizza project introduction:


This is the Time to eat a palm pizza and a TA's Time pizza, which will give you a great treat.TA's Time is now looking to the whole country to join in and expand the brand's influence.TA's Time palm pizza, 1 person is carefree to open a shop to start a business, only need 20 thousand initial investment, 5 square meters of small shop is safe to operate, operation is simple, do not need a chef.TA's Time palm pizza, though small and dainty, is a delicious meal on the tip of the tongue.


TA's Time palm pizza presents the elegance and nobility of the perfect Italian food, and it is very simple and original.TA 's Time apple pizza with mini handheld series, the series of west point, pasta, pizza, snacks, steak and so on many series food series, the use of high-end baking machine, both taste and changeable pizza and word of mouth crispy snack for a few minutes, the customer can enjoy fresh and delicious.


Small pizzas take the big market, TA's Time palm pizza, will be in many second and third-tier small cities to flower, more germination, this is an opportunity, also a challenge, only see you dare to challenge.TA's Time palm pizza location is flexible, so as to carefully customize multiple investment stores for the entrepreneurs, and the shopping malls, the school gate, and the school gate are not selected.


TA's Time palm pizza, butler support, mature operation mode, let the franchisee not need the foundation to also be able to walk in three steps to become the boss.TA's Time palm's headquarters provides detailed standard management services for each investor, with one-on-one coaching.After joining can enjoy chef to teach the core technology, in actual combat training, 7 days free site selection evaluation, protect your shop advantage, headquarters will also have free store design, stylist custom fashion decorate plan.
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