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Rabbit enters the river lake theme restaurant.

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Industry: catering gourmet > special catering.

Address: no. 6-3, no. 6, xinfeng automobile driving school, Beijing, fengtai district, Beijing.

China merchants hotline: 17600275125.

Creation time: unknown.

Business model: distribution agents join the direct battalion.

Investment attraction: free enterprise in the post to invest in the existing company to increase the graduate entrepreneurship other.

China merchants region: east China, south China, northeast China northwest.

Investment amount: 10,000 to 50,000 yuan.

Introduction of rabbit in the restaurant project:


The rabbit enters the river lake theme restaurant, the national creative "rabbit" element experience dining-room, experience the charm of the clever rabbit, here have four signs, eight cuisines, cover the four seasons consumption.All kinds of parties, all kinds of dates, in the rabbit into the lake theme restaurant can be done, there are a variety of marketing channels can be opened, there is no market.There are a lot of cat restaurants and dog restaurants in the market. Now the rabbit enters the theme restaurant and fills the rabbit theme restaurant market.


Rabbit enters the river lake theme restaurant, meaning to enjoy the rabbit culture, with the rabbit culture as a hobby of the catering leisure space, the catering emerging heavyweight brand.Special rabbit element decorate, table, chair, front desk professional design, enter the shop to enjoy rabbit culture, lovely and lovely.There are mini singing, themed game space, 5D magic smart table, etc., and WeChat can be used to save labor.


Rabbit in the theme restaurant, rabbit can also eat rabbit, rabbit meat hot pot, the entrance is smooth, the soup is delicious, dry pan with skin rabbit meat, spicy and spicy, and chewy.The taste is also rich and complete, spicy and fresh, smooth and smooth, satisfying all the expectations of the food.The rabbit meat, natural good nutrition, different collocation to meet the nutritional needs of different people.The rabbit enters the river lake theme restaurant also has the bullfrog, the spicy shrimp, the quack fish, the spicy crab and so on many kinds of products, the business is like the god help.


The rabbit enters the lake theme restaurant, supports all the way to follow, joins can enjoy the market supervision to guide the shop inspection and the 24-hour telephone guidance, assists the store location, and according to the size, the free design decoration.It also provides tutors' on-site tutoring work, and sets up the system's new store preparation plan, trial operation plan and business promotion plan.One-on-one professional, long service, 24 hours on standby, ready to solve difficult problems.

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