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Kunlun mountain mineral water is suspected profiteering :1 case 120 yuan production cost is only 25

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Note: Kunlun mountain mineral water is suspected profiteering :1 case 120 yuan production cost is only 25 yuan.

High-end mineral water in Beijing, the first six discount sale of kunlun mountain lead.


In traditional water promotion season last month, in addition to the low-end brand according to the practice began to change in price amount, Beijing commercial daily reporter recently visited found that faces the pressure of market competition, high-end water also an unprecedented large-scale promotion in the summer.Is famous for its water source high-end kunlun mountains as an example, not only in traditional retail channels to buy a box to send a prepaid phone card 50 dollars, equivalent to six fold preferential, buy 88 yuan in the electricity business channels have also launched activities such as minus 10 yuan, equivalent to a 8.5 discount.Market analysis, although there are highly profitable, high-end water in order to maintain the brand image, but the past will not easily give 6 fold ultra-low discount, but this year as the stretching over equivalent class product shop goods market in an all-round way, such as kunlun mountains both positioning high-end brand pressure, launched 6 discount sale is to price in quantity, but can't help attract consumers doubt: high-end water how much profit?


Since the drop price


When visiting the market, the reporter of Beijing business newspaper found that a box of kunlun mountain, which sells for 120 yuan, offered to buy a box for 50 yuan, which is equivalent to a discount of 6 percent.In the Beijing several large supermarket, kunlun mountains is placed in a prominent position, marketing campaign posters consumers buy more than 2 bottles and products will have the opportunity to obtain the highest value activity in the reward of $4999.


Not only in the traditional retail channels, but in the e-commerce platform, kunlun mountain is making a special offer of RMB 116 yuan, RMB 16 yuan, or RMB 10 or 8 yuan.In addition to kunlun mountain, the natural active mineral water of alshan, which is similar to its price, is also introduced to reduce the number of activities such as 20 yuan per case, and a total of 68 yuan to 10 yuan.A supermarket staff to introduce Beijing commercial daily reporter, supermarket the activity of the water concentration for each 15 yuan of nongfu spring, master kong, ice dew brands such as Coca-Cola, and the price of a bottle in 4 yuan more drinking water rarely do promotions.


Sale rescue


Food business in China, a researcher at by peng, high-end water efforts have lower price promotions, in addition to seize the tail rush in the harvest season, have a direct relationship with the increasingly fierce competition in the industry.


He said that the market share of high-end water in the domestic drinking water market is 10%, and in this category, 5100 accounts for Tibet, 10% of kunlun mountain and 10% market share.Although the same high-end market, but because of the price difference, the above three brands have not formed direct competition, and maintained a stable market share.However, last year, including arshan and other products, the price of goods was increased, and the pricing was similar to kunlun mountain, so it became a targeted competition for kunlun mountain."According to the current several brands of market coverage, taking 10% of the market share is not big, therefore has the existing pattern of brand, especially for the market share of the kunlun mountains form the impact."


But cic advisory food industry researcher Liang Mingxuan also admitted that the domestic high-end water water high profit level is relatively low, can do support for corporate promotional strategy, even at a discount, businesses are also covered.


According to industry insiders, high-end drinking water is a typical "double high" industry, that is, high market growth and high profit margin.By peng introduced, while the high-end market share by drinking water will only last year at about 10%, but in every year by 30% to 40% growth growth, the next five years, high-end market capacity of water will not less than 10 billion yuan.That is why foreign and domestic brands are looking at this area.


Suspected profiteering


Mr. Zhu said that a case of kunlun mountain, priced at 120 yuan, costs about 25 yuan, 10 yuan for national logistics and more than 60 percent for other costs.


"For high-end water, grab the water is a one-time investment, but the most important cost of the late input is the transportation cost, support of more than 60% of the profit margins for companies half a discount will not lose money, but the brand of high-end positioning, will thus discount."


Mr Leung also believes that the choice of a 6 per cent discount for kunlun mountain is to sacrifice profits and brands in exchange for market share.Promotional strategies against brand maintenance, she said, should not be a high-end brand preemption market means, for high-end water, more important is through product, brand culture to attract consumers.


In response to the above problems, such as the discount promotion and sales revenue of kunlun mountain, the reporter of Beijing business newspaper contacted the relevant person in charge of the enterprise, but no reply was received as of the time of publication.

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