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What should we do in an annual conference on Internet innovation?

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Note: At the end of the year, the annual conference planning is the most difficult time for HR in a year. In this era of innovation, how to set up an annual meeting with Internet innovation spirit?First, what is the Internet?

At the end of the year, the annual conference planning is the most difficult time for HR in a year. In this era of innovation, how to set up an annual meeting with Internet innovation spirit?


First, what is the annual meeting of the Internet innovation spirit?


One of the Internet's biggest features is that it is free.Almost all Internet companies are linked with features such as spontaneity, freedom, and cultural management.Such characteristics also mean that the annual meeting scale of Internet companies can be expanded indefinitely.


Please join the orchestra, and the playing code of the car has been broken by the big companies in 2017.The big prize is about company money, not one.So where should the annual meeting be planned?


Annual conference preparation tools Internet.


Get creative, start with the most basic preparations and capture every detail of the Internet spirit.


The annual conference preparation is divided into material collection, annual program collection, supplier selection, material preparation, etc.The annual conference material collection and program collection and other work, the normal company through the mail, the group hair, then the person in charge carries on the manual registration.It takes time and time.Annual collection if choose questionnaire form function, in the E-mail group for each department, each department in response to the report, the background will automatically generate a complete excel spreadsheet, not only save the workload for preparation, neat and beautiful page will also give the user a high on large impression.In addition to the material collection, the annual conference check-in function can also use the questionnaire web form function.The organizer will only generate a qr code for the registration page, and guests can sign in through scan.These details can make your annual meeting look stylish.


Annual conference creative planning


Bound more common enterprise idea, but the Internet can jump, reviewing the past, tencent has breast beauty live, netease send condoms, 360 please Long ze Laura treat male employees, baidu, please open the annual meeting of the is throwing a million live draw.These spontaneity and the plot of the ground gas, let other company stamp foot to scream.As the most open-minded Internet company in the forefront of science and technology, it should be like a wild horse, crazy and screaming.Don't presume to be an Internet person.


Award setting


As the organizer of the annual conference, if you are still online shopping for cups, pillow, rice cooker and other products as annual gifts, that would be too bad.Internet technology companies should reflect on science and technology keen sense of smell, as every day dealing with science and technology company, year-end bonuses should not be unlisted wearable devices, is the latest technology products limited release?These things are not market value, they win innovation.


Site selection


How to make the company's annual meeting thoroughly Internet?The choice of venue is not to be ignored.The average company will choose a hotel in its annual meeting.As an innovative Internet practitioner, can we get out of the rut?


A person who often writes code to a computer is eager to get out, but suffers from a busy schedule and no vacation.If the annual conference address is set in a quiet resort.Imagine how fast it would be to kill a dota and play a set of LOL in the green hills and green waters.


With so much to say, the annual meeting of the so-called Internet spirit is just to jump off all kinds of conventions and find something new and interesting.It may be the best reward for a busy year of programmers to create a feast.These are just a few of the points that I hope will inspire HR in the run-up to the annual meeting.




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