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Chain restaurant brand amplification, creativity to play new tricks.

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2018-01-26  Source:信息链  Author:毛胜  Browse number:627
Note: Internet marketing, ideas break new ground!

For most Internet users, the Internet is flooded with advertisements, watching video, WeChat and weibo, all of which can be viewed by advertisements.Time is long, also get used to, ridicule is a must, occasionally still can click a liking.Internet advertising has long been an odd trick, either to catch visual eyeballs, to fight fans, or to refresh the bottom line.Recently, the big recruitment of these IT industries has been fooled by the catering brands, and IT is more accurate than the IT industry.This restaurant brand is the "hot call beast single store challenge" and fire over the network of the le food pie!


When IT comes to Internet viruses, the IT industry is first in black, and no other industry is right.For example, xiaomi will play a normal role in black play, and the professional self-image of smartisan and Lao luo, whether or not it is stimulating to sales, will make the brand and product get a lot of attention.In terms of advertising, that's enough.


For a restaurant brand that has always been extremely afraid of the dark, it can also play with the black."Spicy call beast constructions challenge" to carry out the first day, weibo appeared a group of pictures, called the chili where a day where you can't buy pepper, turned out to be sent is eat chili activities.A lot of props, worse than the next two, the picture level, from the end of the flow of copywriting, the netizens have a lot of ridicule: this advertisement...I'm done with...


At the first glance, the AD's "where are we going?", the first picture can give you a sense of powerlessness: can you get two more?Then each one, will have the same question, until the end of the last look, can not help but shout loudly: the restaurant brand is enough!Some fun, some are unable to make fun, but no matter how to ridicule, maximize the arrival rate and the effect of advertising, and does not hurt in the ridicule and brand and product, the service itself, have to amazing: food and beverage industry originally can also play so?!


For food sent such a fashionable feeling strong catering brands, Internet population is undoubtedly its target consumer groups, play down the black, brand vitality value rapidly promote, is undoubtedly a very effective propagation path.


Heavy flavor cartoon, the activity and brand appeal perfect union.


Jingdong, baidu have to heavy taste comics earn a place on the Internet, the popularity of outbreak of cartoon also let many brands to the route of "outbreak", no moral integrity and the bottom line is also makes it impossible to ignore.Always with tempting food brand catering for the stunt, rarely go this route, but the music food to promote its "hot call beast constructions challenge out of a set of heavy taste comics: se, the snake gourd Eva, bones jing spider se, tang's monk, super Mary left the flower mushroom, still have that somebody left the sauerkraut noodles...




Creative themes hit the post-80s, post-90s memory, cartoons, TV series, games and...Not only did the campaign of the "hot call beast" challenge, but also conveyed the core appeal of the le food group -- delicious.Perhaps before this, the music food pie is just a spicy hot pot brand, cartoon one, the communication link between the brand and consumers quickly link: this brand understands me!This kind of originality, I am afraid that the IT world that is used to this technique must say "admire admire".


Besides, the cartoon also opened an imagination for Internet users: the calabash was abandoned, tang's monk was jilted, and who was not satisfied?So, there is a constant stream of netizens' creative ideas -- the joy and the Wolffy, the violet and the mammy, the wenpei and the snow, the class and the bobo, the black and the pudi...A pot of spicy hot pot is sizzling the enmity, Internet users in the hearts of many years of dead rivals in the comic book, a huge number of viral topics, not very clever.


Let the customers in the village, the fans of another kind of identity experience marketing.


When IT comes to IT, IT's all about fan marketing.For example, millet, often set up a group of fans among the fans, the press conference entrance to grab, the inside measure to rob, buy also to rob, grab is the status symbol.How to be a food brand?Try to eat?It's a bit of a supermarket feeling.But that's where the music pie comes in.


Big move not only 500 can play, Internet marketing is not only the Internet brand is available, how to grasp the target population is the key, Huang Taiji, called emerging food and beverage brands such as a duck is also in the wave of young creative culture in the "new" to win, traditional catering chains to break withheldest not aligning with le eat pie, when major consumers increasingly focus on 80, 90 and after 00, resonance may not only in products, more is a kind of comprehensive experience to meet.The Internet relies on information chain, creativity, innovation, to break out of the world!

Information chain


Responsible editor: MAO sheng.

Keyword: MAO sheng.
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