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Hong Kong media: the United Nations headquarters in shandong province sing the red song, let red sin

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Note: Hong Kong media: the United Nations headquarters in shandong province sing the red song, let red sing all over the world!



According to Hong Kong on May 3, the Oriental daily web site reported, according to the mean fragment in the eastern United States time on April 30, in the afternoon, the day aunt tour group visited Manhattan, New York, first by the "liberty" swim the Hudson River, there are 36 aunt went to the United Nations headquarters in New York in front of them, and chorus, loudly sing "socialism is good".The grannes were clapping and clapping, and the woman in charge was very excited.


According to the report, the clip caused controversy on the Internet, with netizens accusing the woman of being childish, while others sarcastically said, "after singing" socialism is good "in the United States, it's a real slap in the face.


According to the website of the Hong Kong economic daily, Chinese tourists "promote national prestige" in foreign countries.A batch of Boyle from shandong jinan, took advantage of the May Day holiday travel to the United States, journey of Boyle had high red before the UN building socialism is good, video on the Internet, trigger netizens onlookers.


The report said the incident sparked a heated debate among Internet users, with netizens pointing to "the naivete and disrespect of other countries' culture and values".But some netizens also pointed out that "red songs represent the Chinese people, come to travel, have fun singing and sing", "this is just a cultural exchange", let red sing all over the world!

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