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Oil opportunity is coming. Are you ready to sell?

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Note: Oil futures, information chain futures.

Since June 2014, international oil prices have been rendered decline trend, in 2015, oil prices fell more and more low, even break through 50 dollars/barrel level, the domestic refined oil prices also keep down state.Many people are looking at the market and investing in oil. Does this mean that the opportunity for oil investment is coming?


As you can see, recently more and more investment predators have crude oil market, such as warren buffet, began to bottom oil assets, Carlyle group co-founder David Rubens also bullish on the crude oil market...The addition of a large number of investors has made the already hot oil investment market more than ever.


Is it the best opportunity for oil investment?No doubt, yes.Oil investment is facing the best investment opportunity, and who will profit from it?Whoever catches first will profit first!




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The reasons for this are as follows:


First, today's international crude oil prices have fallen below 50 and are expected to fall, far below the value of oil.


Second, as the United States non-agricultural data issued in March, according to the U.S. economy is recovering, the dollar rose is thing in the morning and evening, increasing demand for oil, inventories are increased, crude oil futures continued to fall.


Third, the current global excess supply of crude oil, though, the dollar strengthened, the EIA crude oil inventories continue to increase, but the organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) refused to cut valuation, Russia's energy minister AlexanderNovak said on Wednesday that the Russian plan the next 20 years will maintain the existing crude output level.That is to say, oil prices will remain unchanged as global crude remains oversupplied for some time to come.The above mentioned points can be seen that the current oil investment market is full of opportunities for investors, and investors should be good at grasping and grasping in time to earn more money.


Reanda cpas oil here to remind the broad masses of investors, although the international crude oil is now a declining trend, but cannot say that the market is immutable, international political and economic situation changes, the price of crude oil has been volatile, investors had better not invest money on the crude oil market, once the market conditions change, will suffer losses.In addition, when making crude oil trading, be sure to see the market and the market, see the timing, whether to be short or long term trading, the state of mind must be stable.

In 2018, due to the cold weather, reduced stocks, rising inflation, the dollar's decline, the world economy in full recovery, oil demand correspondingly increased, oil price rise of course!But it also

In the event of an emergency, the price of oil soared or plunged, only to see the event.


For the opportunity that has come, grasp, you can earn a pot full of overflow, can not grasp, will waste the investment opportunity in vain, when the people in the side are easy to make money, can you still sit?


Responsible editor: MAO sheng.

Keyword: Oil,price rise
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