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The structure and value of information chain.

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2018-02-02  Source:Chinese search  Author:Mao Sheng  Browse number:170
Note: The structure and value of information chain, information chain network, everyone can easily publish information, obtain information, use information, and make information to generate maximum value for people!

Structure and value of information chain:

Information chain is a chain, she on the basis of information, the information of each link, organic union, tries to use again, to form a cycle of information chain, people can obtain information from the information chain, to reasonable use, so as to share the information with the greatest value!

In simple terms, the information chain is based on the information first, i.e., according to the event, commodities, tangible and intangible product, property rights, by the people on various occasions, including in the chain of information platform (chain),, information release information, gather information, access to information, the use of information and information for people to produce the most value!

The information chain is a big data, information ecological chain, everyone can experience and practice on the platform, live from the information chain real knowledge, real interest!

Information link, connect the world, link you me she!Information chain network, everyone can easily publish information, obtain information, use information, let the information to generate the maximum value for people!
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