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The story behind the journey to the west.

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Note: The story behind the journey to the west.
    Many people should have heard that the filming of the 86 version of the journey to the west is limited by the conditions. It is very hard to tell the story of the heart acid behind the hard work. It is a real "learning experience".Let LZ give you 818 things that a lot of people don't know about. Let's review the story behind the 86 version of journey to the west, which is forever in Chinese TV history.

The 82-year-old journey to the west was filmed on CCTV and began to become famous.Some people accuse the director of making TV dramas and going abroad.Actually cast conditions are very hard, only five hair moneys quota every meal, these have your place to guangzhou, 2 pieces of 5, a bowl of dumplings is only six, the boy simply do not have enough to eat, the director out of their own pockets to the staff to dinner.In order to find the scene that meets the requirements of the cast, director Yang jie led the team, and traveled all over the country in 26 provinces except Tibet, qinghai, ningxia, hubei and Taiwan.During the shooting, the creators were in trouble many times, and Yang nearly fell off a cliff in the mountains, and the four of them nearly fell when they were shooting the scene of the waterfall.Even the white dragon horse has suffered many falls and ditches.

The director and cameraman of the journey to the west is actually a couple, and two people have been filming the drama together in the north and south of the country for six years. They have no time to take care of the 12-year-old girl.Because of the lack of security measures, we have to economize.When he was hanging, the actor often fell, and one time yan huaili (a monk) weighed 170 pounds and fell on the head of the cameraman, wang chongqiu. The cameraman fainted on the spot.Director Yang jie and wang chongqiu went to Hong Kong to learn about hanging.There was a lack of guidance during the 82-year western tour, and people didn't know what to do with the stunt.The photographer wang chongqiu tried every means to lack the sense of reality, and happened to meet a Hong Kong man who said he had to be hanged.However, he was also an outsider, so the crew went to Hong Kong to learn how to hang him.

It was a very dangerous thing to hang on to, and often the ropes of wiya were very thin, and they were still in danger.Each time, the four of them were lucky to be alive, especially the Monkey King and the pig eight, who were mainly hanging from weiya. Each time after the end, there was no fall, and they all gave each other a high five.All four of the teachers fell and hurt themselves.There was no distinction between the cast and the supporting cast, the same treatment as everyone else, no assistant, no nannies, no preferential treatment.After the shooting, we will be working with the crew to move some of the equipment.When there is a lack of actors, it is the same with the cast.

Now it's been six years of praise.But that was the reason.In fact, 25 episodes of filming took six years of frustration.There's only one camera that can't be shot at the same time, and it's very inefficient.When visiting Japan, the director was also criticized by CCTV leaders for how fast the Japanese shoot!Yang jie said to have their five or six camera conditions, I beat them faster than them!As the western tour was criticized by CCTV, it formed an investigation team.The investigation found that the original crew was particularly difficult and financially difficult, without even basic shooting equipment.I was supposed to give the money to a camera.The team returned to CCTV, and everything changed back to the old one. CCTV ordered the crew to stop the journey to the west and shoot a tail.It was only 15 episodes.

Few know drawn sun wukong there are 600 degrees 600 degrees myopia astigmatism, he hide from director into the cast, beginning the Monkey King hit the head of others, often also had blood, so that no one is willing to and the Monkey King.The director expressed his disgust, but found that sun wukong alone was very good.only then did he know that he was nearsighted and uncomfortable with contact lenses.Liu xiao ling tong is very popular at home and has little ability to live independently.At the beginning of the casting, Yang jie felt that liu xiao ling tong was very beautiful, but liu ling tong said that he was very able to endure hardship.Liu xiao ling tong (24 years old) was sent by zhang zongyi (60 years old), the old Monkey King. He poured the bath water for his son, and the four bottles of hot water bottles were held in his hands, which was immediately stopped by Yang jie.

Huaili yan one act the role of 9 Angle: sand monk, ox demon king (2 sets officer bi ma3 wen), clairvoyance, too old gentleman, monk (start guanyin courtyard), old man appeared early (Monkey King), shutter, a royal horse prison prison cheng, the west sea dragon king.Yan huaili, who plays the sand monk, died in Beijing on April 12, 2009, due to a lung infection.He was 73.April 12 happened to be the birthday of liu xiao ling tong. Since then, he has never been born again.

In the aesthetic sense of the year, the costume of the spider is too revealing, several actors collective protest, and finally ineffective.These fifteen - and sixteen-year-old girls cried in their rooms and felt miserable.When shooting, shawl cape, cover some.When the belly is photographed (belly belly button will be spinning, the tang's monk tied up), the male of the cast to make spider sperm naked.Zhao xinpei, male birthplace: Beijing date of birth: January 31, 1977.But red kids can't wear pants when they're taking pictures.The baby was shy and asked to wear pants.The director said no, red kids don't wear pants.So, a good shot of him, he ran to the side to wear pants.

At the beginning of the show, the white horse was not found, and the black horse was used instead, and the white paint was painted. Every time it was in the river, the water was white, and from the river, it was a dark horse.People often fell into the river because of poor special effects.

At the beginning of the show, the white horse was not found, and the black horse was used instead, and the white paint was painted. Every time it was in the river, the water was white, and from the river, it was a dark horse.People often fell into the river because of poor special effects.

At the time of the special effects production, the national technical level and the hardware facilities of the crew had determined how difficult it was to shoot the show.The crew has only an aging one-inch camera, and no one in the country knows what "coercion" is.All the difficulties were solved by "soil method".Now it looks like a slightly outdated special effect, which can make millions of people addicted to it.

As a timeless classic, the 86 version of the journey to the west has set a record for many unprecedented successors.

It is admirable that the people in the journey to the west are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue, and the spirit of excellence is really admirable.Although the current technology is more advanced, the technology is more advanced, but it is difficult to create the classic.The market is full of bad movies, isn't our current level inferior to that era?It's just that people are too perfunctory, trying to make money, to keep the money down, and the crew is asking for less, and it's like being a fool.No matter how bad, as long as the heat is up, so there is a lot of shoddy work.

We are naturally proud to see the story behind the journey to the west, and it is worth reflecting on when we can recreate the classic.What we lack is not the technology but the craftsmanship.I hope that Chinese film and television will no longer be competitive in quantity, but will win by quality and make China a classic!

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