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Soil chicken seedling, hunan soil chicken seedling, black phoenix chicken seedling, white phoenix bo

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Green shell egg chicken for eggs with green shells, characterized by five black a green, namely, black hair, black, black, dark and black bone internal organs, more strange is the egg for the green, which combines natural black food and green food, is the world's rare gourmet.The chicken is resistant to disease and has wide adaptability. It is not different from that of ordinary chicken.The green shell chicken is small, compact, agile, symmetrical, and early in sexual maturity, with high egg production.Adult rooster weight 1.5-1.8 kg, hen weight 1.1-1.4kg, annual egg 160-180.In big cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, 40 yuan per kilogram is often in short supply and prices are not available.The chicken species is significantly higher than that of the average domestic chicken and can be cultured in both north and south.Green shell contains a lot of layers with high value of nourishing health melanin and 17 kinds of essential amino acids, including lysine of the human body a variety of vitamins and anti-cancer elements such as selenium, iron and other minerals, the succulent black solid, taste delicious, taste very good, with a nourishing liver and kidney, greatly tonifying qi and blood, regulate the menstrual function check belt etc, and the effect is remarkable, is known as the "chicken".Via Shanghai second medical university affiliated hospital of clinical trials and functional trials of hubei provincial health department, hospital of jiangxi province proves that for children with zinc deficiency syndrome caused by anorexia, pica, low immunity, does not grow tall and middle-aged disease of heart head blood-vessel, thyroid tumor, anti-aging, etc have obvious effect, the prevention of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, cancer, anticancer, fetal dysplasia, adjusting endocrine, delay the female menopause, raise colour beauty, supply nutrient for pregnant women and the patient, enhance the immunity health care function have good treatment of old people.Analysis test showed that the green shell eggs also have the function of the activation of brain cells, enhance memory, is truly care eggs, intelligence, beauty eggs, eggs, egg if the national famous nutritionist in wood "egg" god as.It is called "a green shell egg every day to strengthen the beauty of the patient".Green shell eggs in August 96 by the national Patent Office for a patent for invention, in October the same year by the national green food development center for approval for the green food, in 98 was approved by the ministry of health to belong to high high vitamin and trace elements, amino acids, low cholesterol, low fat of ideal natural health food.CCTV got rich.
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