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Hill chicken seedlings, wild chicken seedlings, wild eggs, hunan pheasant seedlings, breed pheasant.

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Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: 湖南 衡阳市
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2018-02-13 12:00
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Supply seedlings categories: 40 colorful mountain, hunan pheasant seedlings, pheasants, high-yield quail miao, pearl 40, wen xiang huang 40, 40 black chicken soil, soil of hunan, 40, 40 feet, fast rhubarb, 40 pathogenies and meat for, the terms of payment: bank payment (order pay 30% deposit, delivery to pay full before 3 days.).Transportation: free air transportation, railway transportation, bus transportation.1: hengyang four seasons poultry industry incubation company: founded in 1990 in hengyang county steamed water river.Is a collection of rare bird development, breeding, incubation, sales, aquaculture technology consulting as one of the private affiliated companies.With "sincere to letter, solid and reputation" is the management idea, with "erudite, win-win" for the development mode, with "customer first for the purpose of the service if there are objective reasons, such as oxygen deficiency leads to the engine room's death, we will according to the airport issued a death certificate and the customer's return to the death of the toe confirmed deaths, the company responsible for the compensation to ensure clients' interests.2: all of the customer who purchase seedlings in my company, you can choose us for your pheasant miao a drug, from the first day of the chicken to 40 temperature required for the whole process of all medicines, only in this way can ensure the mountain 40 or pheasant seedlings survival rate. (drugs at the cost price to provide a rate) 3: in terms of pheasant breeding technology consulting, our company for the purchase and specified provide comprehensive after-sales service, can you breeding of any problems in the process of providing help and answer, until you satisfied.4: in the part of the cost of the farmers, we can also provide you with a complete set of design scheme of incubator and assembly equipment, farmers can be breeder eggs hatch and late breeding self-assembly.The self-assembled equipment can reduce the follow-up cost, and the price of the finished product incubator can be lower than that of any other incubator.
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